Recognizing the struggle of caregiving is important, even if doing so offers little comfort

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“Happy National Family Caregivers Month,” I’ve been told multiple times in the past few weeks as I tried to find an advocate to help me help my parents.

Each call begins the same summary: the hip break, the move to respite care and rehab for both parents, a recognition of…

In the terribly gerrymandered state, extreme firearm policies likely to become law

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I was a young mom with a toddler in preschool when I attended a committee hearing at the Ohio Statehouse for a bill, that among other shocking moves, aimed to expand concealed carry to daycares (unless the daycare explicitly banned firearms). A few moments from that hearing still stick vividly…

The documentary “Postcards from Babylon,” streaming on Amazon Prime, argues it has

Since the violent attack on our U.S. Capitol, where “Jesus Saves” signs and “Jesus Is My Savior/Donald Trump Is My President” banners intermingled with white supremacist symbols, some Christian leaders have begun confronting a reality entrenched within American…

Relief might be trickling in, but those who care for kids, parents, or both, are already ready to quit

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I am writing this from my car, waiting before my daughter’s Halloween costume parade at school. All these little traditions are so important now, after the lost pandemic year. I need to be here even though my work morning was blown up by trying to coordinate care for my aging…

Though I wish I’d had other options, it does help to recognize how years of treatment changed me.

I hate needles.

I’m sure it comes as a result of injections — meant as treatment for a neurological vocal disorder — that in my late teens muted my voice for a month a time. But they have become a necessary evil for maintaining the rest of my body.


The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee again shirks transparency that’s long overdue.

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This week, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee fell into deadlock again over whether it would waive attorney-client privilege in an investigation into allegations that the Executive Committee and its leaders covered up or dismissed legitimate cases of sexual abuse within SBC. To outsiders this may seem like a procedural…

Sarah Stankorb

Sarah Stankorb is a contributor to GEN. Other works in The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, O, and The Atlantic. @sarahstankorb

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