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Sarah Stankorb
2 min readDec 20, 2023


Earn or share a free audiobook download link for Disobedient Women

Disobedient Women, audiobook screenshot

As my first post-book launch season winds to a close, I want to thank all of you who have helped support Disobedient Women. You’ve posted the book on social media, shared your reading experience, listened to my podcast appearances, and have given me heaps of encouragement. Thank you, dear friends and readers, for helping amplify the voices of women who have spoken out and fought spiritual abuse and manipulation within their churches.

Staring down 2024, and knowing some folks are still doing their holiday shopping and deciding what books to pick up, I find that I really could use more book reviews. Here’s the fun part.

I’m giving away up to 10 free audiobook links!

If you leave an honest review of Disobedient Women at Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, your favorite indie bookstore, or anywhere else books are rated/sold, I’ll send over an audiobook download link to 10 readers. You can forward the link as a virtual stocking stuffer or keep it for yourself to reread the book while on the go.

HOW: Make your review of at least a sentence or two, plus rating, and send me a link or screenshot at

WHEN: I’ll draw at least 5 names by noon (eastern) December 24 and send them to your inbox, then more by January 4, 2024, including those that come in between the holidays.

Hearing narrator Suehyla Young read the book shocked me — she hit my mental inflections so exactly. Her tone is so sensitive when needed, and so gently snarky when called for. You’ll love hearing the audiobook.

Thanks all, for this extra push!



Sarah Stankorb

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