The about-face of authors such as Hillary McFarland and Joshua Harris causes understandable hurt and uproar. It may be better not to care so much.

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When so much is draining, certain words offer restorative power

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When all that needs to be done is too daunting

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Everything felt out of control as I contemplated organizing a new stage of life

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Women are more than a spiritual test, a temptation, a tool for resolving oneself against future sin

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A helpful lesson on writing in the lie

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Tricks for going from first draft to nearly-finished when your mind just wants to be done

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Anything to just get started

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Introducing a new series on writing hacks

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Sarah Stankorb

Sarah Stankorb is a contributor to GEN. Other works in The Washington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, O, and The Atlantic. @sarahstankorb

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